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Spark Plug Wiring on a 351W


We see a lot of very messy plug wiring setups – a situation which detracts significantly from an otherwise nice under-hood setup. We recently cleaned up a 351W stroker in a Mustang that suffered from this condition.

We rectified this with the following parts:

1. Taylor cut to length spiro plug wire kit #73053
2. Taylor crimp tool #43395
3. Made For You horizontal valve cover brackets #5075611

In particular, the boots on the Taylor kit are shorter and thinner than many pre-made wire sets which helps with the spacing on the distributor.

A few suggestions we have:

1. Make sure the distributor is lined up with #1 and #3 at the 12 O’Clock position before you start.
2. Install the brackets, run all the wires, and tighten everything down exactly how you like it. Spend some time getting it all just right.
3. Cut the wires right at the distributor point for that wire.
4. If you aren’t running the wires taut at the plug end, you should have plenty of adjustment to make everything look great up front.
5. Measure the resistance of the wire after you crimp to verify it’s in the expected ~350 Ohm per foot range.


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