112 Haygood Drive
Woodstock, GA 30188


That’s where it all began: Summer of 1954 when a friend of my Dad invited us to the Ford dealership where he worked. He wanted to show us something¬† that we might enjoy. We went to a remote part of the building to a locked room. When we entered, we found a covered car. It seemed smaller than the other cars. As the cover came off, we could see an amazing site-a Thunderbird blue 1955 Thunderbird. They had not yet been introduced to the public and I was awestruck, to say the least. Then and there I was hooked.

It’s 57 years later and nothing has changed I’ve owned 7 and still have 3. I’ve been repairing and restoring them for over 40 years for myself and for several years, for others. I think I’ve probably seen it all, so give me a call when you run into a problem or just need anything from minor service to a full restoration.